OLYMPIA AUDITORS S.A. established in 2012 and provides auditing, accounting, consulting and tax services to a wide range of businesses.

Meeting the growing demands of companies and the requirements of the regulatory authorities, our Company consists of experienced certified auditors capable of providing high caliber services.

Human relations and high quality services in order to meet our clients’ needs, is the strong differentiation element of our company. Our company has established explicit rules, regulations and procedures regarding the staff evaluation, professional competence and training.


The Board of Directors consists of 3 members and is responsible for implementing the long term strategy and achieving the goals set by the Annual General Assembly of the Shareholders.


Members of the BoD:


Anagnostou Efthimios, 

Koutroumanis Georgios, 
Vice President

Tsampazis Nikolaos, 
Managing Director

Papoutsis Ioannis, 
Managing Director

Pappas Demetrios, 


Our shareholders are:


Anagnwstou Efthymios

Pappas Dhmhtrios

Koutroumanis Georgios

Papoutsis Iwannis

Tsampazis Nikolaos

Koutroumanis Stayros

Dimolenis Anastasios


The Chartered Accountants of Olympia Auditors S.A. are the following :


Anagnostou Euthimios

Koutroumanis Georgios

Pappas Dimitrios

Papoutsis Ioannis

Tzifas Georgios

Tsampazis Nikolaos

Iskos Aggelos

Koutroumanis Ioannis

Dimolenis Anastasios

Koutroumanis Stayros